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Bali GBU at A Glance

Located in the Island of Gods Bali Generation Business Unit is one of the generation business units owned and  operated by PT Indonesia Power. It generates electricity especially distributed only for Bali Island which has 427,59 MW installed capacity.
In 1973 Bali Power Generation originally was named  Pesanggaran Sector under PLN region XI, and in 1987 it was renamed to Bali Sector under PLN Generation and Transmission for East Java and Bali. Since 1995 it became part of PT Indonesia Power and is now called Bali Generation Business Unit.
Since 1995 Bali has consumed 889 GWH of electricity power from the PLN. As much as 84 kWh is provided by the PLTD  (Diesel Power Plant), 295 GWh by the PLTG (Gas Power Plant)and 509 GWh is supplied from Java Bali Electricity Sistem. In 1996 the consumption jumped to 1017 GWh provided by the PLTD, PLTG, and Java Power supply consecutively as much as 84 GWh, 305 GWh and 627 GWh. In 1997 it climbed even higher to 1136, consecutively provided by those power generations as much as 160; 432 and 544 GWh.
To fulfil the need of the electricity, Bali Power Generation owns and operates 11 PLTDs and 4 PLTGs. They are all l ocated in Pesanggaran, Denpasar. Additional to them Gilimanuk Gas Power Generation was completed in 1997. It located in the west end of Bali Island. Totally, the whole power generations every single one of them utilizes HSD (High Speed Diesel) as its main fuel. Bali GBU also operates Pemaron Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP) has located at Northern Beach of Bali.
Nine of the PLTDs would directly transmit their electricity to the 150 kV- High Voltage Transmission Line. The capacities of power generation Pesanggaran and Gilimanuk and the additional power from Java-Bali interconnection system would enable Bali Power Generation to guarantee its sufficient and dependable supply of electricity to the area.

Bali Generation Business Unit
JI. Brigjen I.G. Ngurah Rai, Pasanggaran
Denpasar 80001, Indonesia
Tel. (62-361) 720-421, 720-422
Fax. (62-361) 720-519