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Priok Generation Business Unit is one of generation units owned by PT Indonesia Power. Now, 16 generator units are installed which has 1,248 MW installed capacity consist of two units of opened cycle PLTG (gas turbine power plant); six units of PLTD (diesel power plant); two blocks of PLTGU (combined cycle power plant) which one block consists of three units of gas turbine and a unit of PLTU (steam power plant).
In the middle of 1960, in order to fulfill the electricity need particularly in Jakarta and generally in West Java, PLN Explorasi III built PLTU 1 and 2. However, in 1989, taking into account of several factors, PLTU 1 and 2 were not operated anymore.
Due to rapid development in each aspect of life, especially in industry, two units PLTU 3 and 4 were built in 1972. Have been operated for a while, these units are now in reserve shut down condition.
Later on, PLTG John Brown was built. Then, two units Westing House PLTG and GE 4, 5, 6, 7 PLTG were built. GE 6 was relocated to PLN of South Sumatera and GE 7 has drawn back to General Electric. GE 4 and 5 were also relocated to PLTGU Pemaron, Bali.
The important thing that we should know about is the existences of the two units of PLTG: PLTG 1 and PLTG 3. Those units can be generated using their own power if blackout occurs. The electricity their produce can be used to generated other units. This capability does support the improvement of Java-Bali Transmission System. Because of its essential function, the two units are not being operated every day.
Other than managing those two PLTG units, Priok Generation Business Unit also manages six units of PLTD Senayan which was operated in 1961. By feeder Vip, PLTD Senayan, Kebayoran, has supplied the need of electricity for MPR (People Consultative Assembly) Building, Senayan Sport Stadium, and the television station TVRI.
On March 25, 1992, PLN joined in international consortium ABB and Marebeni to build two blocks of PLTGU. By using underground cable, the 150 KV electricity is channeled to Plumpang and Ancol main relay stations. The power is also channeled by 150 KV high voltage air transmission to Kemayoran I/II, Plumpang I/II, Pegangsaan I/II. Synchronization to Java-Bali electric system is executed after PLTGU Priok is complete to be operated.
The human resources skill of Priok Generation Business Unit, so far, has been an invaluable asset. Beside possessing professional human resource in their field, the management, by gaining the ISO 9002 Award, is proven to be able to manage the company well

Priok Generation Business Unit
Jl. Laks. Laut R.E. Martadinata, Jakarta 14310, Indonesia
Tel. (62-21) 435-3914 - 435-3919 (hunting)
Fax. (62-21) 496461, 435917