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Saguling Generation Business Unit locates in West Java, that uses hydropower as its prime energy supply. The development of hydro electric power plant (HEPP) is one of the government's efforts to maintain diversification on power generation as well as conservation of natural fuel oil. Saguling GBU operates 29 power plants that spread all over West Java, and has installed capacity around 797 MW.
There are some advantages possessed by hydro electric power plant (HEPP) compared to others. Its operation starting time is faster (only 15 minutes),
It's easier to adjusted the operation system with the load and the frequency of the transmission system,
The production cost is lower, because it uses water as a natural resource,
Its turbine rotation is lower and not exposed to any heat, so the equipment and part are less in damage,
A hydro power plant is environment-friendly, there is no combustion process and therefore no combustion wastes generated,
A hydro power plant that is rigged out with a dam will serve a multipurpose cultivation, such as flood control and rice - field irrigation system.
Saguling Generation Business Unit oversees 8 hydro electric power plants (HEPP). They are : PLTA Saguling, PLTA Plengan, PLTA Lamajan, PLTA Cikalong, PLTA Bengkok and Dago, PLTA Ubrug, PLTA Kracak and PLTA Parakankondang.
Beside handling the peak load, Saguling Generation Business Unit has other function in Java-Bali transmission system. It plays major role to adjust the frequency of the Java-Bali transmission system by utilizing LFC (Load Frequency Control).
Saguling Generation Business Unit
JI. Komplek PLN Cioray, Tromol Pos 7,
Rajamandala, Cimahi 40554, Indonesia
Tel : (62-22) 690-0343, 690-0344
Fax : (62-22) 690-0292